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Construction Control Analyst - Corporate - Columbus, OH

Corporate - Columbus

Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
• Audit contractor pay applications to verify figures.
• Assists in providing direct support to the Project Manager/Directors in approving and coding of contractor invoices; this includes training as necessary of new hires and recurrent training.
• Provide analytical support to the Project Managers/Directors in understanding forecasted budget overruns/surplusses.
• Enter project commitments into "Oracle Projects" and modify the commitments as necessary as projects evolve; making recommendations on reallocation of funds where possible.
• Provide job costing allocation of wages and salaries.
• Facilitate communication between the Development and Construction departments and Accounting.
• Provide ad hoc reporting for the department as well as senior management.
• Address internal and external billing inquiries.
• Prepare construction draw pay applications for submittal to financial institutions.
• Track all current project budgets vs. actuals from start to completion.
• Oversees and maintains all files and Project Directories.
• Enters project specific comments into lease tracking system.
• Distributes the Tenant Criteria Package for every approved lease order form, or as requested by leasing agents.
• Coordinates all processes for Purchase Order system.
• Sets up Tenant Allowance once tenant has requested monies owed per lease and communicates with Treasury and Collections accordingly.
• Initiates chargeback and tenant allowance procedures, and distributes for approval and payment and tracks documentation.
• Prepares check requests including reviewing for accuracy, obtaining approval and submitting for payment.
• Supervises team of two associates
• Performs other duties as required.

Skills (Desired Abilities):
• Strong skill in analyzing and interpreting data.
• Good computer skills including spreadsheet application, and database maintenance.
• Knowledge of accounting concepts, techniques, and principles.
• Must assume responsibility for accuracy and timeliness of work product.
• Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and handle multiple projects.

Qualifications (Education and Experience):
• Bachelor's degree in Accounting or other relevant field preferred
• 5-7 years relevant experience