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Leasing Representative - Community Lifestyle Centers - Corporate - Indianapolis, IN

Corporate - Indianapolis

Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
• Responsible for leasing retail space for assigned properties within the portfolio.
• Develops strategies to increase occupancy and income for assigned projects.
• Develops and coordinates leasing strategies and growth for assigned mall leasing.
• Negotiates business economics and terms of new leases.
• Assists in the development of re-merchandising of assigned properties.
• Studies and develops demographics of local regions in respect to shopping centers.
• Interacts with Construction, Accounting, Marketing, Legal and Property Management in completing leasing deals.
• Responsible for making contacts with appropriate officials within the community in order to enhance achievement of department goals.
• Responsible for tenant portfolio meetings.
• Interacts with other members of the Leasing Department team to share information and achievement of goals.
• Responsible for coordination of all communications necessary for proposals, letters of intent and other lease requests.
• Responsible for renewals of assigned properties.
• Reads trade journals and other professional literature relating to the shopping center industry and public relations in order to stay informed of leasing trends, innovations and changes within the industry.
• Remains knowledgeable of retail tenants’ growth and changing strategies.
• May be responsible for managing less-experienced Leasing Representative in same responsibilities.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills (Desired Abilities):
• Well developed management and administrative skills
• Extensive knowledge of shopping center and retail industry
• Good computer skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints

Qualifications (Education and Experience):
• Bachelor’s degree in real estate, finance, marketing, or related field
• Minimum of 5 years experience in real estate development field
• Previous supervisor/management experience a plus
• Must be able to travel as required