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Marketing Coordinator - Charlottesville Fashion Square - Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville Fashion Square

Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
•Assist in developing and executing an annual marketing plan which strategically utilizes all platform programs, supports the corporate marketing objectives, and positively impacts the center’s core financial objectives including, NOI, sponsorship, leasing, sales, overage rent, traffic and market share.
•Responsible for creating and/or implementing events, to drive traffic to the center.
•Assist in implementing, along with the advertising agency, a yearlong corporate advertising campaign.
•Assist in the implementation and success of property programs. 
•Responsible for helping manage the local production and use of in mall collateral and materials.
•Assist in meeting all results survey deadlines, including providing timely Proof of Performance documentation.
•Coordinate appropriate retailer intensification strategies.
•Performs all other duties as assigned
•Assist in developing sales plans and strategies to solicit sponsorship revenue from advertisers, promoters and partners who purchase the mall as an advertising/promotional medium.
•Accountable for building/securing partnerships with key community organizations.
•If applicable, help coordinate the management, budget and programs of the Guest Services staff and function

Skills (Desired Abilities):
•Strong verbal and written communication skills
•Excellent interpersonal, communication, selling and negotiating skills
•Excellent word processing skills
•Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

Qualifications (Education and Experience):
•Bachelor’s Degree
•Knowledge of retail, marketing and advertising
•Flexibility to work varied schedules including evenings and weekends