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Office Administrator - Part Time - Classen Curve, Nichols Hills Plaza, The Triangle at Classen Curve - Nichols Hills, OK

Classen Curve, Nichols Hills Plaza, The Triangle at Classen Curve

Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
•Maintains and delegates the general flow of work done in the mall office.
•Receives miscellaneous reports related to mall operations, such as time records, budget expenditures.
•Acts as delegate for issuing and interpreting mall operating procedures and policies.
•Inputs data into computerized payroll system; computes time sheets.
•Conducts new associate orientation and assists associates in completing various human resources forms.
•Creates and maintains personnel files.
•Verifies employment on hourly associates.
•Prepares and submits workers’ compensation first report of injury forms.
•Prepares various reports including Tenant Gross Sales, Month End Reports, Monthly Manager’s Reports, etc.
•Assists General Manager and Corporate Accountants with delinquent tenant accounts.
•Receives, records and forwards payment to corporate lock box.
•Responsible for the record retention effort at property.
•Responsible for the control and reconciliation of petty cash.
•Types letters, statistical reports, forms and correspondence, i.e., store openings and closings, license agreements for temporary tenants, purchase order forms, etc.
•Compiles and prepares weekly and monthly check logs.
•Types, distributes and updates tenant handbook.
•Assists in complaint resolution.
•Analyzes monthly ledger reports.
•Assists  in preparation of budget needs and inputs data.
•Maintains management database programs.
•Tracks salaried associates attendance.
•Processes incoming and outgoing mail.
•Maintains upkeep on office machine; orders office supplies.
•Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Skills (Desired Abilities):
•Strong verbal, written, analytical and interpersonal skills.
•Excellent computer skills.

Qualifications (Education and Experience):
•Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Operations Management, or related field, OR equivalent experience.
•Two years professional experience performing office support.