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Grand Central Mall

100 Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV 26105 | 304.485.4465

Grand Central Mall is the area’s premier shopping destination, featuring 100+ specialty stores, five anchors, a 450-seat food court and a 12-screen cinema. It is the only enclosed regional mall within a 77-mile radius.  Mid-Ohio Valley Medical Group is located adjacent to the mall and brings as many as 500 outpatients per day to the property.

  • 848,600 Square Feet
  • 105 Stores
  • 4,800 Parking Spaces

Key Retailers

Major Stores & Restaurants

Trade/Market Area

Grand Central Mall is located on Route 14 (Grand Central Avenue), among the most heavily traveled state routes in West Virginia. Approximately 36,200 vehicles per day pass in front of the property.

As the state’s fourth largest population center, the Parkersburg/Vienna area is the economic backbone of the Mid-Ohio Valley. It has one of the highest average household incomes in the state, and the area boasts affordable housing, low crime and below-average real estate taxes.

Over the past several years, the area’s economic base has changed from heavy manufacturing and mining toward a skill and service-based economy. More than a dozen of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies have locations in Parkersburg, as does the government's Bureau of Public Debt.


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