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Washington Prime Group Highlights New Initiatives and Innovation to Attract Shoppers

Tangible is our exclusive Ecommerce showcase which curates internet purveyors on a rotational basis allowing for a dynamic treasure hunt experience.

Shelby’s Sugar Shop™, our new candy shop concept, will be located in both underutilized inline space as well as common areas, and will provide malted milk balls, candy corn and of course sour lumbricidae (worms for those unfamiliar with the proper taxonomic classification).

We have installed self-service Amazon Lockers at our assets where guests can have their packages delivered to our centers for convenient pick up. We also recently formed a sponsorship agreement with Coca-Cola to wrap the Lockers with promotional signage.

In early 2017, we formed an association with Cleveland Avenue, a food and beverage venture capital accelerator that provides us with the opportunity to beta test new restaurant concepts in our centers and assist us in holistically rethinking the food court and its appropriate configuration.

Interesting food options can also be situated outside the four walls of our assets. Many of our properties have food trucks in the parking lots and even facilitate food truck festivals where shoppers can enjoy the latest concoctions of trendy local chefs.

Alternatives to the traditional food court include craft brewers, artisanal sandwich makers and specialty bakers. In fact, our first local craft brew pub opened at Sunland Park Mall in El Paso, TX in May with our second local craft brew pub being built at Muncie Mall, located in Muncie, IN, and more planned at other centers.

The Canvas Project is a new signature event series where each month our properties will host an artist to create a piece live for our shoppers throughout underutilized common area space.

We empower our tenants to gain visibility and beta test across the entire portfolio via truck shows, pop-up shops, vending machines and digital advertising at the physical retail centers as well as WPG-owned digital properties.

As we focus on the dynamic experience at our town centers, we are working with record labels to host performances, meet-and-greets, pop-up shops and more.

Note: U.S. trademark applications have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") for the names "Washington Prime Group," "Shelby's Sugar Shop" and "Tangible." In addition, U.S. patent applications have been filed with the USPTO for the "Tangible" concept. Some images shown are renderings and do not necessarily reflect the final concept.