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This website (the “Site”), is owned and operated by Washington Prime Group, L.P. and/or one or more of itsaffiliates (collectively “WPGLP,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) has been institutedto explain to Site users and visitors how we collect, use, disclose, and protect the Personal Information of usersand visitors to the Site. The term “Personal Information” as used in this Policy refers to information that identifiesyou personally, alone or in combination with other information available to us. Examples of PersonalInformation include, but are limited to, your name, home address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, andcredit card information. This Policy applies only to the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of data orinformation collected through the Site and does not apply to any other data or information collected by us onlineor offline except to the extent this Policy is expressly incorporated such as us, by internet link on a website orpresentation or display to Users in the course of providing services. Users and visitors to the Site are subject tothe terms, conditions, and provisions stated in this Policy and any other relevant terms, conditions, policies, ornotices posted or included on the Site. By visiting or using the Site, you agree to the terms of this Policy and, ifyou provide us your Personal Information, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your informationas described in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not provide us any Personal Informationand do not use the Site.

This Policy is Part of Our Terms of Use

This Policy is part of the Terms of Use that govern your use of this Site. A link to our Website Terms of Use andLegal Restrictions is provided at the bottom of each page of this Site.

Privacy Notices

This Policy may be supplemented or amended from time to time by “Privacy Notices” posted on this Site. ThesePrivacy Notices provide a level of detail that we cannot provide in this more general description of our privacypractices. For example, certain pages of this Site may contain Privacy Notices providing details about thePersonal Information we collect on those pages, why we need that information, and choices you may have aboutthe ways we use that information.

Do Not Track Signals

Certain browsers may allow you to request that websites not track your activities over time and across third partywebsites or other online services by sending “do not track” signals to commercial websites like the Site. We dofollow the “do not track” directions provided by your browser. This Privacy Policy provides the details regardingthe types of tracking mechanisms in place on the Site, the types of information collected by such trackingmechanisms, whether you have the option to control how and when such tracking mechanisms are used, whetherand how third parties use tracking mechanisms on the Site, and whether those third party tracking mechanismsare activated before or after you leave the Site.

Types of Information We Collect

Information You Volunteer. WPGLP collects the Personal Information you and others knowingly and voluntarilyprovide when you use this Site. For example, we collect the Personal Information you submit when you sign upfor our news alerts, submit an application, or contact us with questions. In addition, you may provide PersonalInformation in order to use, or participate in, certain optional features of the Site. The manner in which we willuse this Personal Information, if any, will be disclosed on the page through which you sign up for, or otherwiseprovide information to use, or participate in, the applicable feature. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not shareor use your mobile number for any other purpose than to send you mobile SMS alerts, in accordance with carrierand Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) guidelines.

When you complete forms online or otherwise provide us Personal Information in connection with a program,you agree to provide accurate, complete and true information. You agree not to use a false or misleading nameor a name that you are not authorized to use. If we, in our sole discretion, believe that any such information isuntrue, inaccurate or incomplete, we may prohibit you from further participation in the applicable program andpursue any appropriate legal remedies.

Except as expressly set out in this Privacy Policy, or as disclosed when you sign up for, or otherwise providePersonal Information to use, or participate in, an optional feature on the Site, we will not disclose any PersonalInformation to a third party without your express prior authorization, nor will we use that information for anypurpose other than to provide the applicable feature. However, we reserve the right at all times to disclose anyinformation as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protectour rights or property.

Information Sent to Us by Your Web Browser. We collect information that is sent to us automatically by yourweb browser. This information typically includes, but is not limited to, your internet protocol (“IP”) address, theidentity of your Internet service provider (ISP), the name and version of your operating system, the name andversion of your browser, the date and time of your visit, and the pages you visit. Please check your browser ifyou want to learn what information your browser sends or how to change your settings.

Information from your mobile device. If you access the mobile version of this Site, we may automatically collectcertain information from or about your mobile device. The types of information we may collect includes, but isnot limited to, the type of device you use, your device’s unique identification number, the IP address of yourdevice, your device’s operating system, the type of mobile Internet browser(s) you use, and information aboutthe way you use our mobile application(s) on this Site.

More About IP Addresses. An “IP address” is a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computerwhen you connect to the Internet. It is used to identify your computer’s “location” in cyberspace, so that theinformation you request can be delivered to you. IP addresses do not include your name, e-mail address, or otherinformation that identifies you personally, but in some cases, they can be used to identify you. For example, ifyou have registered with this Site, we may link your IP address to account information that identifies youpersonally. We may also provide your IP address to our third-party service providers who can use it to identifyyour state and zip code. In addition, if, we suspect inappropriate or criminal activity or a threat to the security ofthis Site, we may share our server logs—which contain users’ IP addresses—with the appropriate investigativeauthorities, who could use that information to trace and identify individuals.

Cookies and Similar Technologies. We use “cookies” and other web technologies to collect information andsupport certain features of this Site and provide other services (collectively, the “Services”). Our use of cookiesis subject to our Cookie Notice [], which is fully incorporated herein.

How We Use Personal Information Collected Through This Site

Generally, we use the Personal Information we collect through this Site: • to provide the information and servicesyou request; • to better understand your needs and interests; • to provide you with a personalized experiencewhen you use this Site; • to provide you with effective customer service; • to improve the content, functionalityand usability of this Site; • to contact you with information and notices related to your use of this Site; • to contactyou with special offers and other information we believe will be of interest to you; • to invite you to participatein surveys and provide feedback to us (with “feedback” meaning the content you post on or through this Sitethat is specifically about how we can improve this Site and the products and services we make available throughthis Site); • to improve our services; • to improve our marketing and promotional efforts; • for security, credit,or fraud prevention purposes; and • for any other purpose identified in any other notice or agreement betweenyou and us.

We may occasionally use third-party advertising companies and advertising networks to serve advertisements toyou on our behalf when you visit the Site. These companies may use Personal Information about your visits tothe Site and other web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interestto you. If you would like more information about this practice and how to opt-out of receiving communicationsfrom these third-party advertising companies, visit

We can and will use IP addresses and/or MAC addresses to identify a user when we feel it is necessary to enforcecompliance with our Terms of Use or to protect the Site, users, or other individuals. We also reserve the right touse or disclose non Personal Information in any manner we see fit in order to improve the Site.

Please see below for information about the choices you have about the ways we use your Personal Information.

Use of Aggregated and De-Identified Information

We may use information gathered through this Site to create a compiled, aggregate view of its audience andvisitors’ usage patterns. We use aggregated and/or de-identified information to operate our services and to betterunderstand our audience as we develop new services and compile information for your use. We may also shareaggregated and/or de-identified information with our third-party service providers and/or investors. Aggregateand de-identified information is not personally identifiable, but in some cases it can be used to identify you asprovided elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.

Your Choices

In General. We respect your right to make choices about the ways we collect, use, and disclose your PersonalInformation. Discussed above are choices you have about delivery of cookies through this Site and about ourcollection of location information. In addition, we may ask you to indicate certain choices at the time we collectyour Personal Information. For example, at the time you give us your contact information, we may provide toyou an opportunity to choose (via “opt out” or “opt in”) whether you receive certain communications from ourbusiness partners.

Previously Expressed Preferences. You may change previously expressed preferences regarding how we useyour Personal Information. If you have registered with this Site, you may be able to change certain privacypreferences through your account settings. Otherwise, if at any time you wish to be taken off our mailing lists,please contact us using the information provided above. Once we have the information we need, we will removeyou from our mailing lists as you have requested. Please give us a reasonable amount of time to honor yourrequest.

How to Access, Update or Correct Your Personal Information

If you wish to access, update, or correct your Personal Information, please contact us using the informationprovided in this Policy. We will respond to you within a reasonable time and, in any case, within the time limitsestablished by applicable law. We may ask you for additional information to verify your identity. In most cases,we will provide access and correct or delete any inaccurate information you discover. In some cases, however,we may limit or deny your request if the law permits or requires us to do so or if we are unable to verify youridentify.

Steps We Take to Safeguard your Personal Information

We maintain reasonable administrative, physical, and technological measures to protect the confidentiality andsecurity of Personal Information you submit on or through this Site. Unfortunately, no Web site, server ordatabase is completely secure or “hacker proof.” We therefore cannot guarantee that your Personal Informationwill not be disclosed, misused or lost by accident or by the unauthorized acts of others. In addition, WPGLP mayuse a third party service provider or providers to process credit card transactions and fulfill online orders, whichservice provider(s) may share information and credit card numbers with a ticket agent, a credit card processingcompany, an issuing bank, the card network issuer and/or a shipping/fulfillment company in order to completean order. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your Personal Information when you are on the internet.If a password is used to help protect that information, it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.If you are sharing a computer with anyone, we suggest you log out before leaving a site or service in order toprotect subsequent users from gaining access to your information and decline to have your Internet browserremember your password. Due to the fact that no physical or electronic security is impenetrable, by using theSite, you agree to assume all risk in connection with your Personal Information.

How We Share Your Personal Information With Others

Third–Party Vendors. We may share Personal Information collected through this Site with other third-partyvendors who act for or on behalf of WPGLP. For example, we may share Personal Information with companiesthat provide web hosting or email services for our newsletters, emails, and other communications. This mayinclude serving you relevant advertisements embedded in these communications. These third-party vendors mayneed information about you to perform their functions.

User-Generated Content. We may offer you the ability to submit User-Generated Content on or through thisSite. “User-Generated Content” refers to all of the content that you post on or through this Site using the socialnetworking tools we make available to you and that does not constitute feedback. One way that User-GeneratedContent differs from other information you provide to us is that, once submitted, User-Generated Content ismade available instantaneously to others. Examples of User-Generated Content include comments posted to discussion boards. User-Generated Content is available to others who visit this Site. In addition, we mayrepurpose User-Generated Content you submit on or through this Site for use in advertising campaigns and otherpromotions. We may or may not use your name in connection with such use, and we may or may not seek yourfurther consent before using User-Generated Content for such purposes. Therefore, you should have noexpectation of privacy with respect to User-Generated Content you submit on or through this Site. You shouldnot submit any User-Generated Content you do not wish to make available to the general public, and you musttake special care to make sure your submissions comply with our Terms of Use and Legal Restrictions (the“Terms of Use”). In particular, your submissions must not violate the privacy or other rights of others.

Business Negotiations. We may contemplate, for strategic or other reasons, selling, buying, merging, orotherwise reorganizing one or more of our businesses. In negotiating with a third party about entering into suchan arrangement, we may need to disclose your Personal Information. In such cases, we will take reasonablemeasures to protect the Personal Information we disclose, for example, by requiring a prospective purchaser tosign a non-disclosure agreement limiting the use and protecting the confidentiality of the Personal Information.

Business Transfers. Your Personal Information may be transferred to a successor organization if, for example,we transfer the ownership or operation of this Site to another organization or if we merge with anotherorganization. If such a transfer occurs, the successor organization’s use of your Personal Information will stillbe subject to this Policy and the privacy preferences you have expressed to us.

Compliance with Laws and Protection of Our Rights and the Rights of Others. We may disclose your PersonalInformation when we, in good faith, believe disclosure is appropriate to comply with the law, a court order, or asubpoena. We may also disclose your Personal Information to prevent or investigate a possible crime, such asfraud or identity theft; to protect the security of this Site; to enforce or apply our online Terms of Use or otheragreements; or to protect our own rights or property or the rights, property or safety of our users or others. Thesedisclosures may also include exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraudprotection and credit risk reduction, to report any suspected illegal activity to law enforcement for investigationor prosecution and/or in connection with legal action against someone who may be causing injury to orinterference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) rights or property of WPGLP and/or the rights orproperty of any third party. We reserve the right to release information concerning any user of the Site when that user is in violation of our Terms of Use or other published guidelines or partakes (or is reasonably suspected ofpartaking) in any illegal activity.

As Described in a Privacy Notice. We reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information as described inany Privacy Notice posted on the Web page where you provide that information. By providing your personalinformation on that Web page you will be consenting to the disclosure of your personal information as describedin that Privacy Notice.

Children Under the Age of Thirteen

This Site is not intended for children or minors under the age of thirteen years without the permission of a parentor guardian. If you believe that a child has submitted Personal Information on or through this Site without theconsent and supervision of a parent or guardian, please contact us using the information provided below. Theuse of this Site in any way which is not in compliance with this provision constitutes a violation of our Terms of Use.

Your California Privacy Rights

Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code Section 1798.83 (or such successor provision), as amendedand supplemented, residents of California have the right to request from a business with whom the Californiaresident has an established business relationship certain information with respect to the types of PersonalInformation the business shares with third parties for those third parties’ direct marketing purposes and theidentities of the third parties with whom the business has shared such information during the immediatelypreceding calendar year.

In addition, an operator of a commercial website subject to California Business and Professions Code Section22581 must allow California residents under age 18 who are registered users of online sites, services orapplications to request and obtain removal of content or information they have publicly posted. If this applies toyou and you wish to make such a request, your request should include a detailed description of the specificcontent or information to be removed. Please be aware that your request does not guarantee complete or comprehensive removal of content or information posted online and that the law may not permit or requireremoval in certain circumstances.

If you are a California resident, believe that one of the above code provisions applies to you, and would like tomake such a request, you may e-mail your request to:

Visiting the Site From Outside of the United States

WPGLP is a United States company focused on managing a real-estate portfolio of shopping centers located inthe United States. Although the Site may be accessible in some locations outside of the U.S., it is not ourintention to offer goods or service to individuals outside of the U.S. Also, the information we collect may bestored and processed in the U.S. The laws of the U.S. may offer less protection than the laws of your place ofresidence if you are located outside of the U.S. We will keep this information only as long as we need it for thepurposes described above.

In the event we offer services that are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we will complywith requests which could include the right to access information we hold about you, have inaccurate orunnecessary information rectified or deleted or to ask us to stop using your information in a certain way. In theunlikely event your use of the Services is subject to GDPR, you would also have a right to lodge a complaintwith your local EU regulator.

Links to Other Sites

This Site may contain links to websites operated by other organizations, including websites operated by ourthird-party service providers and other third parties. This Policy does not apply to Personal Information collectedon any of these third-party websites. When you access third-party websites through a link on this Site, pleasetake a few minutes to review the privacy policy posted on that site.

This Policy May Change

This Policy describes WPGLP’s current policies and practices with regard to the Personal Information we collectthrough this Site. We are continually improving and adding to the features and functionality of this Site and theservices we offer through this Site. As a result of these changes (or changes in the law), we may need to updateor revise this Policy. Accordingly, we reserve the right to update or modify this Policy at any time, without priornotice, by posting the revised version of this Policy behind the link marked “Privacy Policy” at the bottom ofeach page of this Site. Your continued use of this Site after we have posted the revised Policy constitutes youragreement to be bound by the revised Policy. For your convenience, whenever this Policy is changed, we willalert you by posting a notice on our home page. We will also update the “effective date” at the bottom of thisPolicy. If we have your email address, we may also attempt to email you with notice that the Policy has changed.You may access the current version of this Policy at any time by clicking the link marked “Privacy Policy” atthe bottom of each page of this Site.

To Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy or our privacy practices in general then please contact us by electronicmail at

Effective Date of this Policy: January 2019